Ann Arbor Spanish Group

We have regular meetups but the schedule varies. Skill levels vary between basic speakers and native Spanish speakers. We use to arrange the group. More info and contact details can be found here,

I'd also like to start another Spanish speaking event that meets during a weekday evening. Please let me know if anybody has any interest in organizing this.
Looking to Learn Spanish in Ann Arbor? Here's a few resources:
If you're a student, Umich provides classes.
Washtenaw Community College offers classes.
Private tutor with textbook. Going through a textbook with a tutor is a great way to learn. I'd recommend searching Google. If cost is a concern, there are many Skype lessons available with teachers in countries such as Guatemala or Venezuela. Preply and Verbling both offer online tutors.
Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. It's very difficult to start with a tutor if you're a beginner. These programs help to get started.
Netflix. There are lots of great Spanish language programs on Netflix. This is particularly useful in understanding accents from different regions.
Who am I?
I'm John Hostetler. I took over the Spanish group in 2010. Feel free to contact me if you'd like information about learning spanish in Ann Arbor, whether through classes, tutoring, or language exchanges. Additionally, I've traveled a lot and taken many short term language classes in different countries.
My Thoughts on Learning Spanish
In my experience the best way to learn Spanish is to take small group classes, ideally with 6 or fewer people. A spoken language can only be learned by speaking it. Many university classes are too large and the students leave without fluently speaking the language.
Many of our members live in Ann Arbor. Others live in Ypsilanti, Dexter, Plymouth, Canton, and Detroit.